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Tropical Island in an old hangar in Germany

art, Home decoring   |  April 5th 2011   |  0 Comment
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Тропический остров в старом ангаре в Германии

Can a tropical island located in the usual German village between Berlin and Dresden? Yes, easily! Moreover, this has really exists, and no one is not particularly surprising. Meet resort Tropical Islands, located in an old hangar at sixty kilometers from Berlin!

Тропический остров в старом ангаре в Германии

The huge hangar, located near the village of Ritsnoyendorf-Shtakov was built before the Second World War as a parking lot large airships. Despite the fact that, since it was built many decades have passed, the hangar is still the largest stand-alone building in the world.

Тропический остров в старом ангаре в Германии

For a long time it was empty, while in 2002, the hangar is not bought a Thai company, decided to turn it into a “branch” of their country in a distant, cold Germany. So a few years in what was once an abandoned room opened amusement park Tropical Islands Resort.

Тропический остров в старом ангаре в Германии
So the hangar as a result turned into a huge dome, inside which lurks a tropical island resort with the appropriate weather, vegetation, humidity, and spending time guests. A total area of ​​psevdostrova is 70 thousand square meters.
There will be a huge body of water the size of five Olympic swimming pools around which settled many cafes, restaurants, nine water slides and even the real tropical jungle (5000 plant 600 different species).

Тропический остров в старом ангаре в Германии

In order into the premises as much natural light, one of the outer walls of the hangar is replaced by a glass atrium.
Constant temperature of air and water, which is supported year-round inside this hangar is 27 degrees Celsius. So that at any time of year, and in the heat, and severe frosts, any resident of Berlin, Dresden and other German cities located nearby, may for some hours to be a tropical paradise, there is a will! Tropical Island in an old hangar at Germany

 (600x438, 93Kb) 

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