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Cashmere Turband made of old shirt

Uncategorized   |  March 29th 2011   |  0 Comment
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Turband is one of those words that didn’t exist until quite recently. What’s a turband? It’s a cross between a turban and a headband. Turbands are very comfortable to wear and simple to make. 

I made this one from a cut up thrifted cashmere sweater, but any fine gauge knit will work. Here’s how to make one just like it:

Draft a rectangular paper pattern piece 7 inches by 16 inches (18cm x 40cm). Cut two rectangles from the torso of a sweater or the sleeves of a sweater which has been cut apart at all the seams and pressed flat. Make sure the direction of knit is going the same way on each piece.


 Pin the two rectangles right sides together and stitch up the long sides to form a tube.

Turn and press flat.

Make a twist in the center of the tube, as shown. Make a tentative fit to your head. Make a mark to show how much to trim from the tube. Every fabric will have a different amount of stretch, but most fabrics will require a little bit of trimming to have a snug fit. Make sure to allow for a seam. If you are making the headband for someone else, ere on the side of looseness.

 Leaving the tube right side out and making sure not to loose the twist in the middle, match up the seams and pin in place. Pin together one side. Machine stitch together, leaving most of one side open.

At this stage, the turband should look like this.

Hand stitch closed the open side. Stitching will be easier if you pin closed the opening first.

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