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Valentine Glitter Heart Card

Cards, Crafts, Gifts, Paper, Tutorial, Valentine's day   |  February 9th 2011   |  0 Comment
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valentine card heart rhinestones beads glitter craft free card making instructions

Valentine Sparkle Heart Card #1

Materials Required:

1. White card 145mm x 290mm. Scored and folded in half to make a square base card.
2. Glitter heart approx 40mm wide. (For instructions on making the glitter hearts see my previous post Click here.
3. Piece of pink card 100mm x 100mm. (or other colour of your choice).
4. Punch Wheel.
5. Ruler
6. Piece of graph paper 145mm x 145mm, with 1mm graduations marked.
7. Pencil
8. Craft knife and paper trimmer
9. Sewing pin
10. Double Sided Sticky Tape (DSST)


Making the window in the card front:

1. Cut the graph paper so it is a 145mm x 145mm square. (This will fit exactly onto the front of your card).

2. Measure in 37mm from each of the square and draw a line parallell to each edge, The four lines will intersect to make a smaller square.

3. Open out the base, and place the graph paper over the front section.
Using the sewing pin, make a small hole in each of the corners of the square, as indicated by the arrows in the picture above. 

These holes are to be a marker so you know where to cut the window in your card front, ensuring that it is centrally placed, and the exact size required.

4. Using a craft knife, cut the square from the front of your card, using the four pin holes as a guide to the corners of the square. Do not throw away the piece of card you have cut out.

5. Take the small square the you cut from the card front, and trim 20mm from the top ,and 20mm from one side. (Making a square 49mm x 49mm).

6. Run the punch wheel around the edge of this square, approx 2mm in from the edge. Then punch wheel around the square that you cut in the front of the card, approx 2mm in from the cut edge.

7. Using DSST attach the Glitter heart centrally to the small white square.

8. Attach the piece of pink (or colour of your choice) card 100mm x 100mm to the inside of the card’s front using DSST. Make sure that it completely covers the hole you cut out. 

9. Using DSST, attach the small white piece of card with the glitter heart centrally into the pink square on the front of your card.

source: www.craftscope.com Visit link →

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